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David Israel Uquillas Alonso (Mexico City, 1981) studied Communication Sciences.He has demonstrated his passion for the means of expression mainly by photography, cinematography, music, and writing.

He decided to become an author to tell the story of his first fiction novel, Cyberman, on October 31, 2017, which concluded his first volume at the end of 2018.

The event that led him to express his creativity on paper was the theft of his wallet on public transport in 2017.

He hopes to bring his publication and translation to several countries, as well as to present his work on the big screen and comic market.

Married to the Economist and also Producer of this book (CYBERMAN), Dulce Serrano.

Son of the Mathematical Physicist at Stanford University, David Uquillas Jassán (died in 2004), and the Dental Surgeon, Gilda Alonso Martínez. His older sister, Ultra marathoner and first woman in the world in running the Tibet Marathon Gilda Catalina Uquillas Alonso.


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